Coffee never tasted this good! Indulge in the finest illy Coffee!
Now you can enjoy illy coffee at the comfort of your home with illy’s espresso machines or even treat a loved one with our illy gifts. Discover new forms of expression in every sip.

You can purchase illy coffee machine or products from all La Bodega outlet or The Press Room Bistro.

    • illy milk frother
    • illy milk frother
      The “NEW” illy milk frother is stainless steel electric, that offers to all those who love their illy espresso crowned with a thick milk foam – a rich and delicious cappuccino. Just pour the milk into the cappuccino maker and press a button and within seconds the foam is soft and lightly made. Treat yourself to this frother that does it all and does it very well.

      • Stainless steel body & Automatic stop function
      • Maximum capacity milk cold / hot mounted : 150 ml
      • Maximum capacity warm milk : 250ml

      Price per unit
      RM 424 nett

All prices are in RM and inclusive of 6% GST (GST inclusive)

    • Francis Francis y3
    • The ultra-slim Y3 makes it effortless to prepare espresso with the touch of a button. Its stylish and compact design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen décor. The Y3 features two programmable coffee settings and adjusts to fit almost any cup size to ensure you can enjoy your espresso just the way you like it.

      Available in White, Orange & Black
      (please enquire stock availability)

      Price per unit
      RM 848 nett

All prices are in RM and inclusive of 6% GST (GST inclusive)

    • Francis Francis x7.1
    • Cafe-quality espresso at home! Just insert the capsule and push the button to obtain an intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso topped with long-lasting, rich, velvety cream.

      The X7.1 symbolizes the encounter between functionality, innovation and excellence.

      • Lighted & acoustic signals
      • Extraction auto-stop feature
      • Programmable volume in the cup
      • Professional steam wand

      Available in red, black or white version.
      (please enquire stock availability)

      Price per unit
      RM 1,346 nett

All prices are in RM and inclusive of 6% GST (GST inclusive)

    • Francis Francis X9
    • • Chrome-plated aluminum body and thermo block in stainless steel. Water tank can be filled during coffee brewing.
      • Two programmable cup volume settings with automatic stop at the end of coffee brewing.
      • Flow measurement system for a more constant in-cup volume and an LED light to illuminate the cup.
      • Forward-facing control buttons with push technology.
      • A ustable cup stand.
      • Energy saving mode activated after 30 minutes of non-use. Used-capsule drawer fits up to ten (10) capsules.
      • Available colour : Chrome

      Price per unit
      RM 1,696.00 nett

All prices are in RM and inclusive of 6% GST (GST inclusive)

  • illy Art Collection Yoko Ono-7cupsilly Art Collection Yoko Ono-1cup
  • The newest illy Art Collection, MENDED CUPS by Yoko Ono, consists of six cups that bear gold, shattered and mended crack line. There are accompanied by six individual saucers with Yoko Ono’s handwriting, naming sex catastrophic events that have directly affected her life and other only indirectly but have brought death to millions of people. Each saucers states the date and location of the event and concludes with the words … mended in 2015.

    The seventh cup in the collection, the UNBROKEN CUP, is untouched with no cracked or mended lines, reflecting peace and hope with Ono’s handwritten words on the saucer. This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection.

      • 7 espresso cups come with saucers, 60cc
        Price per set
        RM 911.60
      • 1 espresso cup come with saucer, 60cc
        Price per set
        RM 180.20

    All prices are in RM and inclusive of 6% GST (GST inclusive)